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          Xinxiang zhongyuan health enterprise Co., LTD

          Welcome you call us cooperation!
          • Address:Henan xinxiang
          • Telephone:0373-8875636
          • Fax:0373-8875238
          • Man:Manager wang
          • Mobile:13503736409

          Xinxiang Zhongyuan Material Factory is a manufacturer of health spunbond non-woven, laminated non-woven and medical materials of the modern enterprise. The factory was founded in 1996, the current total area of ??28,000 square meters, construction area of ??9,000 square meters, total assets of 36 million yuan, more than 600 employees, including senior technical and management personnel 89. Our main products all kinds of mechanisms masks, hygiene cap, disposable surgical clothes, surgical kits, production package, a variety of one-time pad gynecological examinations, producing mats, bed sheets, mattress pads, of which the production of laminated woven in the domestic leading level; Our range of products, complete specifications, choice of materials known, inexpensive, sales network covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and sales of products by customers.

          Business investment in October 2005 was 20 million yuan to introduce German LOVFEN spunbond non-woven production line, set up the Xinxiang City, Tiger Thailand and Africa weaving Co., Ltd.. In January 2006, the successful commissioning of the production line, into production. The production line is currently the technical indicators in the industry has reached world advanced level, the production of non-woven world-class quality. In addition, non-woven lamination in the original factory equipment, based on the value added to a set of nearly a million of non-woven lamination processing equipment, the equipment and the introduction of new non-woven production lines complement each other, into the enterprise a standardized, high-grade non-woven deep processing base and lay a solid foundation.
          The company will be led by Chairman Mr. Wang Youhu use of technology, capital, personnel and other advantages, the formation of R & D center and seek cooperation and development, non-woven industry built up a large-scale enterprises.